• Pro Life Policy
  • Pro Life Policy

Pro Life Policy

Pets Haven is a Pro-Life Animal Shelter. Our aim is to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home orphaned and homeless animals.
We do not and will never euthanise animals for economic reasons.

Unlimited veterinary care will be provided for any animal that comes into our care.

We temperament test every animal prior to accepting them into our shelter. If we accept a dog with a mild behavioural problem (such as jumping up, pulling on the lead etc) we will address this at the advice of a qualified Delta dog trainer.

Euthanasia will only occur if:

On the advice of a veterinarian, they are diagnosed incurably ill and the prognosis is not favourable

If the animal displays a temperament which is deemed high risk

We do not operate as a Pound and will never do so. We will never have to make room by killing healthy or undesirable animals to make room for incoming pound contracts.

We believe in responsibly giving all life a chance.

























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